What would Joe Chip do?


1.  Are you making fun of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ?

Hell no.  I can’t help my initials.  Leave me alone.  If Jim Caviziel was giving advice, would you ask him if he was playing Jesus?

2.  Are you sure?

If you knew me like Edgar Edgarberger does, you would know better than to ask such a question.  Are you Amerikaner?  I might make fun of you.

3.  Are you really Joe Chip?

Hell no.  But you may call me mate.  Or Mr Chips.  Or Gorgeous.

4.  Is that your real picture?

Insofar as a picture is an abstract representation of a corporal reality, it is close enough.  (In my mind, my muscles are much larger.)

5.  Are you really Joe Cool?

I can assure you that neither me nor the writer are the least little tiny bit cool, hip or hep, Daddy-O.


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